With the rise of social media, it's hard not to compare yourself. That's why your loved ones will preach 'be you'. You could be on your way to an interview, starting a new job or attending a party filled with strangers and you bet that this is the advice you get. But who are you? And should you … Continue reading YOU DO YOU


Review: Mrs Atha’s Comforting Company

Quiet, friendly and homely; 'Mrs Atha's' is the perfect place for those on a break from work, to do some studying or to meet up with friends. I did the latter. Whilst visiting my friend, Hannah, we popped into the independent coffee shop, situated on Central Road in Leeds; for tea, cake and a catch up. … Continue reading Review: Mrs Atha’s Comforting Company

Review: Frank Ocean shines with ‘Chanel’

Enchanting drums beat to the sound of the sea as slow and spellbinding notes ripple on a piano. Then, Frank Ocean's distressed and soft voice lures you into his world as he sounds as if he is floating in the tide. The song 'Chanel' is captivating, sensitive and heart-felt. After the award winning 'Channel Orange', we were not disappointed … Continue reading Review: Frank Ocean shines with ‘Chanel’

Review: Effy lights up the screen one last time in ‘Skins: Fire’

Skins was an explosive comedy drama fuelled with teen angst. Six years after its release, with six new episodes forming the final series of the award winning show, we see the teenagers have matured and moved to London. Before Cassie and Cook are reborn, Effy Stoneham (Kaya Scoldelario), Naomi Campbell (Lily Loveless) and Emily Fitch (Kathryn … Continue reading Review: Effy lights up the screen one last time in ‘Skins: Fire’